Streaming on Twitch: Tutorial

I would like to say hi!

Today, we have a simple guide to teach you how you can start your Twitch streaming.

Streaming on twitch is what lovely streamers already know how to do, but if you do not, you are on the right place to learn it now.
Twitch is Amazon streaming platform with over 9 milions users on it.
mentioned website became so popular and became even more than just game streaming social platform.

On this platform you can see E-Sport gamers, but also some shows about cooking, DJ mixing their decks and so on.

If you want to start streaming on twitch you need to have a computer, microphone, camera and solid internet connection.
Process is really simple, you could finish it before ending this article.
In case you want to dig in into more settings, you would need about an hour to set everything per your needs, whether you use console, computer or laptop.

If you are ready to become a streaming star, lets go on explaining how things are done.

Software for Twitch streaming

Twitch is accessible from different gadgets, so it has a wide variety of software that can be used to stream on it.
Most people stream from computers or laptops.
So, to start streaming, you will need a software that is good for this purpose.
Some of the best are XSplit and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
XSplit can be used on Windows, OBS is avaible for Windows, Linux and Mac as well.

XSplit is the easiest to use, OBS is a great free alternative to it.
OBS is also one of the most popular software for streaming, but it is not so easy to get used to it.
There are custom versions, Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements OBS.Live.

For those that are new in the world of streaming can try Twitch Studio which is Twitch streaming app.
This application is free and guides streamer through process of setting up a stream.

How to use OBS

Configure your stream

  1. Open OBS.
  2. Click on File, than on Settings.
  3. In menu on left side choose Stream.
  4. Setup service on Twitch. Click on Connect Account after that.
  5. Login into Twitch with your username and password.
    It is time to set the scene and going live.
    If you would like to use stream key instead, go to 6th step.
  6. If you dislike to directly connect Twitch and OBS, you can use Stream Key.
    To do so, go on twitch website, click your profile in up right corner, than click on Settings.
    Click on Stream to open next menu.
    Stream Key will be shown above.
  7. Copy and paste this key into Stream Key box, in Broadcast Settings menu, and select Ok.

Setting the scene and going live

  1. In main OBS interface, click on Sources box with right mouse button, choose Add and than Gaming Capture.
  2. In drop menu click on game you want and click Ok.
  3. Again click on Sources box with right mouse button to add more feeds.
    You can add images, text, capture a monitor and other.
    You can also choose Video Capture to use your Webcam.
  4. Now choose Preview Stream and Edit Scene to fix the stream per your likings.
  5. Choose Start Streaming and you are live.

How to use XSplit

Configure your stream

  1. Open XSplit.
  2. Select Broadcast, then Add Channel, then Twitch.
  3. Choose Authroize, enter Twitch username and password.
  4. Click Finish.
    XSplit will automaticaly choose optimal resolution for you.
  5. Edit the stream properties and click Ok.

Setting the scene and going live

  1. In Scene Sources in down left corner of XSplit interface choose Add.
  2. Hold mouse over Game Capture and choose the game.
  3. Again choose Add to add more sources to stream.
  4. Change the size and position of every source per your liking.
  5. Choose Broadcast, than Twitch.
  6. Congratulations, you are live now.

Once you know basics about OBS and XSplit, you can create more interesting streams with both of those great two software solutions.