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- Free - Computers - Games - Software - November 26, 2022

Should you buy Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

As we know Infinity Ward developed and Activision published or released a new game by the name Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
It is, indeed, an amazing FPS (First Person Shooter) game, one of the best ever developed, that is why so many people play it, and that is why it is getting worse.
Yeah, you heard me well, the best game is the worse game.

In this case, everything is about money.
We will explain all of the aspects of why you do not want to waste money on this game.

You can not Buy the Game

Everyone is talking about buying a game, buy COD: MW2, but you can not do this.
What you buy actually is some kind of subscription to the server, like a cloud service, you can not play this game offline.
This was the first step in the “Game of Money” for current users.
We will explain it later, let’s for now clear this topic.

You spend money, you do not have the game, and you can play it only on the internet, on their servers.
You do not own any game, in this case, it is a kind of cloud service.

They choose what you play

People behind the game choose what you will play today on the server.
They are shifting modes, sometimes you can not play this or that mode, so despite that you spend money, you are still locked in their choice of game modes you are able to play.

They continue to lead you into money spending

They continue to o lead you into money spending, in hopes of getting more money from you on game Battle Phases, skins, characters, and others inside the game that you already bought, or did not, because you can only access the cloud server service.


You can not avoid cheaters.
Despite that, they earn so much money selling these games, seems like they do not care if there are cheaters present in the game.
There are some rumors from people who say that they support streamers with invisible hacks to promote their game in the best way possible.

Once a new game is released, you’re done

Not so long ago, everything was around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it is the first version of this version released recently.
Since the release of 2nd version, they removed modes from the first version, including Shot House and Shipment.
For those that do not know it, Shot House and Shipment were the most played game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Since they launched COD: MW2, they removed both of these modes, and you can guess alone why.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a wonderful first-person shooter game that is developed and published, led by people we do not trust to.
You can not buy a game but a subscription to an online server.
If they do the same as they did in the previous game, you almost will not be able to choose what you will play, they decide what and when to take game modes in or out of the game.
They going to try to get more money from you on some Battle Phases, skins, characters, and others inside the game if they continue COD: MW trends.
COD: MW is already a poor game, as modes are taken out once a new game was released, so how we can trust they will not repeat the same again?

They probably have all this covered in their terms of service, somewhere:
I tried to find out if they had in terms of how long the game has to be online once bought, and how long a user has access to it, but I could not find an answer.
Activision grants you a personal, limited, non-exclusive license to use the Product for your non-commercial use.

Should you buy COD: MW2

So, decide alone, do you want a game that you do not own, a game where they choose what you will play, where they try to trick you into buying skins, characters, and Battle Phases, a game that you do not know what modes and when you will be able to play, a game that you do not know the date it will be changed for a new one and games disappear from it.
Do you want such a game? – Go ahead, buy it.
But, we will not give any positive views, or include this game anymore anywhere in our recommendations until they stop doing this “Game of Money”.

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