Samsung TV will not connect to a wired network

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TV will not connect to my wired network

  1. After each of the following procedures, check to see if your TV is still connected to your wired network.
    After completing each step in this tutorial, check to verify if your TV is connected to your network by going to Settings -> General -> Network, and selecting Open Network Settings.
    If you are still not connected, you should do a Network Status Test after each of the following procedures.
    Depending on the problem, network troubleshooting is divided into parts.
    Because some troubleshooting procedures are identical, you may skip those that you’ve already completed.
    If your TV was previously connected to your network but lost connectivity soon after making a change to your router’s settings, the modification is most likely the source of the problem and should be reversed.
  2. Check that your network settings are not obstructing the TV.
    In most circumstances, home network default settings are adequate, particularly for wired connections.
    However, if the network settings have been changed, be sure they are not preventing the TV from connecting.
    If you need assistance modifying these settings, contact your ISP if the router was supplied by them, or the router’s manufacturer if it was purchased independently.
  3. Experiment with additional network devices.
    Check to see if your internet is functioning on other devices that are linked to the same network as the TV.
    If none of the other devices on your network can connect to the internet, notify your internet service provider about the outage.
  4. Change the ethernet cable.
    You must ensure that the ethernet cable you are using to connect your TV to your router or modem is in excellent working order.
    Try replacing it with the one you know works.
  5. Set up a manual DNS server.
    Please do the following to configure a manual DNS server:
    • Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Network Status, and then choose IP Settings.
    • Navigate to DNS Settings -> Enter Manually.
    • Navigate to DNS Server and pick it.
    • Enter and then try again to connect.
      If your remote lacks numbers, be sure you pick each 8 with the number that shows at the bottom of the screen before selecting the arrow.
      When finished, pick Done from the number selector.
      If the number selector vanishes, choosing DNS Server again will bring it back.
  6. Reduce the amount of network-connected devices.
    Disconnect all other Wi-Fi devices from the network before attaching the TV.
    The more devices you add to your Wi-Fi network, the weaker the signal.
    If you have two tablets, three phones, an appliance, and an Xbox system, for example, the signal may be quite poor.
    If none of the preceding methods worked, this implies you have more devices connected than your network can manage.
    You should consider upgrading your network or connecting fewer devices.
    In rare situations, it may also indicate that your internet speed is insufficient to sustain the number of devices you are attempting to utilize concurrently.
    Contact your Internet Service Provider.
  7. Reset the network on your television.
    Go to Settings -> General -> Network and then Reset Network.
    Reboot the network and try connecting again.
    If your TV has a different menu layout, see your user manual for assistance in locating this feature.
  8. Restart the network equipment.
    Unplug any network-related devices, including the TV, router, modem, and so on.
    Begin by plugging in the first device and allowing it to finish booting up at the wall where the internet signal originates from.
    Having established a way between the internet signal and the TV, connect the next device in the path and wait for it to finish booting up.
    Repeat until all devices in the route, including the TV, are switched back on.
    Connect your TV to the network once more.
  9. Reset the television.
    Navigate to Settings, then General, and finally Reset.
    Enter your PIN here, the default is 0000.
    Try connecting again after the reset.
  10. Set up a service for your television.
    If the problem persists, we recommend contacting your ISP or the router’s manufacturer for further assistance.
    If they assist you to identify that the problem is with the TV, please contact Samsung Support Center to seek service.