Samsung Bespoke Jet: Review

I would like to say hi!


  • Powerful.
  • Attractive.
  • Excellent quality.


  • A smaller selection of colors
  • Harder than it actually is
  • Discomfort in the procedure

The bespoke version of Samsung’s Jet vacuum cleaner is the company’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner.

The powerful, modular design of the Jet 90, well-designed cleaning agents, replaceable battery, digital display, and washable filter are the attributes that the Bespoke Jet extends.
On the lowest setting, it will clean for 50 minutes and charge in 3.5 hours.

However, Bespoke’s main selling point is the absence of the need for hidden storage space.
The completely redesigned base station is small and attractive, and in addition to charging the cleaner, it can also empty it.

The vacuum’s only downside, exacerbated by its awkward posture, is that it feels heavier than its weight.

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