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Microsoft Excel Courses

Whether it’s school, work, or a hobby that involves working with the Microsoft Office suite, in this case, Microsoft Excel, you need to learn how to use Microsoft Excel.

On the Internet, there are many free, cheap, and even very expensive courses on how to use Microsoft Excel, that is, how to work within this program from the Microsoft package.
Often, the tutorials and instructions are not clear, they are written convolutedly, they are difficult to understand, and it takes a lot of time for an individual to finally understand a particular tutorial.

We made sure to write the instructions on working on the Microsoft Excel program in the best possible way.
We have written instructions, instructions, or tutorials in such a way that everyone can understand them.
By following the simple and detailed instructions in our tutorials, you will quickly master working in the Microsoft Excel program.

We have instructions and tutorials starting from simple ones, such as creating a document, and saving a document, to the most complex operations that can be performed when using the Microsoft Excel program.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of the program, our articles, instructions, and instructions will help you master this program from the Microsoft Office suite as well as possible.

If you are a beginner, our instructions will guide you in the simplest way through an interesting process of learning the basics of the program.

If you are an advanced user, our tutorials are simplistic and detailed, you will have no problem learning a lot from them.

If you have questions in addition to the tutorials on the page, we are always ready to help and answer them.
We are ready to write a tutorial and instructions just for you.

If you’re ready for a fun and easy way to learn Microsoft Excel, why wait?
Start today with our online courses and become a good connoisseur of working with the Microsoft Excel program.

Start today, visit this link.

How to merge cells in Microsoft Excel and Calc

In Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc, cells in related rows or neighboring columns can be combined.
Learn how to combine cells in a table by following the steps listed below.

How to show hidden columns or rows in Microsoft Excel

To make more significant data in Microsoft Excel simpler to examine, rows and columns may occasionally be hidden.
Regardless of their significance, you might still want to view every column and row of data in the Excel file.
Follow the relevant instructions below, then take the necessary actions to locate and reveal a hidden row or column in Excel.

How to transpose the data in Microsoft Excel

It is possible that you may need to convert or transpose data from columns to rows or rows to columns while dealing with data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

How to use page breaks in Excel or OpenOffice Calc

Page breaks are often automatically added when producing a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc based on the print settings for your document.
But you may manually add page breaks by doing the things listed below.

How to change font size, color, or type in Excel

A user may alter the font, size, color, boldness, italicization, and underlining of text in any cell in Microsoft Excel.
Additionally, they have the ability to alter the color of a cell’s border and backdrop.

How to hide or show a worksheet in Microsoft Excel

You might wish to add new worksheets as you add more data to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
Some spreadsheets may eventually include outdated data and no longer require frequent examination.

How to hide columns or rows in Excel

One or more rows or columns can be hidden in Microsoft Excel.
To conceal a row or column in Microsoft Excel, just follow the instructions listed below.

How to change the names of the column headers in Excel

The column headings in Microsoft Excel have automatically given the names A, B, C, and so on.
Some users want to change the names of the column headings to something more relevant.
Unfortunately, Excel does not let you modify the header names.

How to make checkboxes in an Excel spreadsheet

A check box on a spreadsheet may be pretty helpful for a variety of reasons.
It just takes a few simple steps to add a check box to an Excel spreadsheet, but you must first modify a setting in Excel in order to see the check box addition option.

How to make a custom sort in Excel

In Microsoft Excel, you may need to do a sort that is neither alphabetical nor ascending.
The methods below will show you how to construct a custom sort in Microsoft Excel to sort the data in the order you want it to be rendered.

How to make, remove, rename, copy or move a worksheet in Excel

A workbook file in Microsoft Excel can include one or more worksheets.
A worksheet may also be renamed, copied, moved, and deleted.
Follow the instructions on this page to carry out any of these tasks.

How to sort a list in Microsoft Excel

The Sort tool in Microsoft Excel allows you to execute a variety of operations on data lists and tables. Users typically want to alphabetize a large number of text values or arrange a list of numbers from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.
To proceed, follow the steps in the following section.

How to change lowercase or uppercase text in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, you may change the case of text to capital, lowercase, or proper case.
Below are all of the numerous approaches that may be employed.

How to insert and customize a table in Excel

Including a table in an Excel document is a quick and simple method to organize and categorize data.
The procedures for inserting a table in Microsoft Excel are listed below.

How to move down a line inside a cell in Microsoft Excel

When hitting Enter in Microsoft Excel, the default behavior is to advance to the following cell.
It might be difficult to add a new line while dealing with a cell that has several lines of text.
The keyboard shortcuts for this job are shown below.

How to turn AutoCorrect on or off in Microsoft Excel

The instructions below, according to the version of Excel on your computer, can be used to enable or disable the AutoFormat function and related choices in Microsoft Excel.

How to mix cell values in Microsoft Excel

The processes for joining or merging multiple cells in a table together to form one data cell are listed below.

Saved Excel files open as blank workbooks

Sometimes a user’s saved workbook or document is empty when they access it.
When Excel’s settings are modified, usually unintentionally, to disregard external programs, this problem frequently results.
Try the recommendations listed below to discover how to resolve this problem.

How to add a photo or clip art to an Excel document

A spreadsheet’s aesthetic appeal can be improved and it can aid in providing clearer information if visuals such as photos, clip art, and other forms of images are added.
You may add a wide variety of image file types to Excel, including BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF files.
An Excel spreadsheet may also include SmartArt, icons, and 3-D models.

How to set the margins in Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPad, Google Docs, and OpenOffice Writer

When you need to cut the number of pages in a document, you may need to adjust or change the margins.
The quantity of text that is displayed on each page can be increased by reducing the margin size.
The amount of text that appears on a page may reduce if the margins are made larger, but the readability may increase.

How to protect and unprotect a cell or worksheet in Microsoft Excel

You could enter data or formulae into a spreadsheet that you don’t want other users to edit.
Maintaining the accuracy of the data and calculations in a spreadsheet may depend on the protection of a cell or worksheet.

How to put or remove a watermark in Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet can be marked with a watermark to let others know that it is a draft, includes sensitive data, or is not intended for duplication.
Other uses for watermarks exist, and these are frequently seen in the business sector.

Why does a spreadsheet cell in Excel display #####

When a cell in a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel, only shows pound or hash symbols, such as #####, the cell is too small to display its contents.
A formula, a negative integer, a date, or a time might all produce this value.

How to add or remove a text box in Microsoft Excel

In a spreadsheet, text boxes can be added or inserted using Microsoft Excel.
A text box is a distinct region with adjustable bounds and positioning in your spreadsheet.
At the box’s edges, the text you insert within wraps to the following line.

Getting #DIV/0! in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

The #DIV/0! error will happen when using a formula in an Excel spreadsheet that tries to divide by zero.
It suggests a divide-by-zero mistake.
Try the suggested procedures below to fix this problem.

Getting #NAME? when adding data to Microsoft Excel

The #NAME? error is frequently seen when attempting to input data into a cell that Microsoft Excel sees as a formula rather than plaintext.
Enter a single quotation  at the beginning of the text if you wish it to be understood as plaintext, as illustrated below.

Getting #VALUE! in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

The outcome of a Microsoft Excel formula calculation might be #VALUE!, any of the following factors might be to blame for this outcome.

Excel up and down arrows move a page instead of moving a cell

When Microsoft Excel’s scroll lock function is enabled, hitting an arrow key moves the whole spreadsheet rather than just to the next cell.
Even while it’s useful for a user reading a big spreadsheet, it might be rather inconvenient for individuals who unintentionally activated this option.
Instructions for disabling the scroll lock function are provided in the sections that follow.

How to search for text across many Excel worksheets

The procedures listed here can be used to locate text in any open workbook’s Excel worksheet.

How to get Excel to appear only once in the taskbar

Open Excel and then perform the actions listed below.

How to print labels in an Excel spreadsheet

It is not feasible to print labels straight from Excel.
However, printing labels with a mail merge is a rather simple procedure.

How to make a named cell in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, choose the cell and then click the Name Box next to the formula bar.
The current cell location is written on this bar.
For instance, if you are in cell B1, the Name Box should now read B1.
Enter the cell’s desired name into the Name Box and press Enter.

How to insert a hyperlink in Microsoft Excel

There are occasions when linkages in Microsoft Excel are essential.
Some users require a connection to another website.
Others may require a link to another worksheet or a place inside the same worksheet.
Links might be handy for referring spreadsheet viewers to a specific website or a project.
Following the instructions below will allow you to add this form of a link, known as a hyperlink.

How to convert a Word document to an Excel spreadsheet

If you need to import data from a Microsoft Word document into an Excel spreadsheet, Excel has the functionality to accomplish the conversion.
Choose the Word and Excel versions you’re using, then follow the instructions to convert your Word document to plain text and import it into Excel.

How to align text in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Calc

The procedures for changing text alignment in a cell in the most popular spreadsheet applications are listed below.
By selecting one of the links below, you may view the instructions for the software you are using.

How to copy and paste text or formulas in an Excel spreadsheet

The procedures for pasting text and formulas into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet are listed below.

How to compare two columns and look for differences in Excel

Choose your Excel version, then follow the steps to determine the differences between two columns of data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

How to change the column or row’s width and height in a spreadsheet in Excel

By using the instructions on this page, you may change the column width or row height in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

How to add, modify, and remove comments from an Excel document

When using Microsoft Excel, adding comments to spreadsheet cells might be useful.
Users who are not the original author of the cell can learn more about it through comments by learning what the cell’s value denotes, for example.
Users may view the notes in the comment by moving their mouse pointer over the cell.
Additional details on adding, editing, and removing comments in Microsoft Excel are provided below.

How to copy an entire Excel worksheet

You can make many copies of a workbook or worksheet while using Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet tool.
Here are a few explanations for making these copies.

How to fix a #NAME? error in Microsoft Excel

You could encounter a #NAME? problem in a cell when constructing formulae in Microsoft Excel.
This error might happen for a number of different reasons.
Even though some of the causes may seem clear, anybody can commit these errors.

How to make a drop-down menu in Microsoft Excel

On websites and electronic forms, drop-down lists are a common feature where users enter information to register for an account, respond to a survey, or make purchases.
A drop-down list in Microsoft Excel may be made from the data in the spreadsheet and used for a variety of things.
To create a drop-down list of a specific kind in your Excel spreadsheet, follow the instructions below.

How to copy data from Microsoft Excel to Word

You may copy data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and paste it into a Microsoft Word document.
You can save time by copying and pasting the data into Word rather than starting from scratch and entering everything over.

How to delete blank cell spaces in Microsoft Excel

On rare occasions, a cell in Microsoft Excel could have one or more additional spaces.
The two techniques for deleting the superfluous, pointless spaces are described below with stages.

Where to get Microsoft Excel templates

Templates for Microsoft Excel are a terrific tool for organizing many different elements.
You may create a list of your possessions or weekly plans and more.
Choose your version of Excel from the list below, then follow the on-screen directions to obtain templates.

How to print grid lines in Excel and Google Sheets

Both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are configured by default to display the grid lines of the spreadsheet but not print them.
Check the instructions below, then follow the directions to print the grid lines in a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

How to rotate text in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, text and other forms of data are often shown horizontally.
There may be instances where you would want the text to show vertically or at an angle.
Rotating dates, numbers, and text may make a spreadsheet’s content more visually appealing or draw attention to crucial data in a table.

How to find and delete duplicate data in Microsoft Excel

Finding duplicate values by looking at each cell in a spreadsheet with a lot of data may be time-consuming and challenging.
It is possible to find and highlight duplicate data in Microsoft Excel.
It saves you a ton of time and makes finding duplicates simple.

How to add a header or footer to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

In spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions, you may add a header or footer.
These components are modified independently of the worksheet body and remain at the top or bottom of the page.
They could have visual elements like a firm logo, the name or contact information of the author, the worksheet’s page number, or the date the worksheet was generated or released.
Both footers and headers can be used simultaneously, they both display at the top and bottom of the page.

How to add a new word to the dictionary in Microsoft Excel

You may use the built-in function in Microsoft Excel to check that every word in your spreadsheet is spelled correctly.
Excel occasionally fails to detect correctly spelled words because its dictionary data does not contain them.
As a result, you must manually add them.

How to make a numbered or bulleted list in Microsoft Excel

Although it is a function that is accessible in Microsoft Excel, bulleted and numbered lists are not as often utilized as they are in word-processing documents or presentation slides.
Excel by default hides the option for bulleted and numbered lists, it must be added to the Ribbon. Additionally, Excel does not allow the addition of a numbered and bulleted list to a cell.
A text box must first be constructed before a numbered or bulleted list is added to it.

How to add accent marks to letters in Microsoft Excel

The procedures listed below must be followed in order to insert or enter letters with accent marks in Microsoft Excel for users without special keyboards.

How to make a pivot table in Microsoft Excel

A pivot table is a summary of a bigger collection of data that is kept in a database or spreadsheet.
It’s frequently used to present data in a classified style for examination or to rapidly evaluate totals, average values, or other information.
Pivot tables are widely used in business to give an overview of sales data or operational expenditures.

How to insert a page number in Microsoft Excel

Page numbers may be useful while dealing with spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel, especially if they span several pages.
Depending on your option, you can add a page number to a spreadsheet’s header or footer.

How to format a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

For formatting a spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel offers a wide range of options and resources.
A cell’s contents may be changed, rows and columns can be made larger or smaller, conditional formatting can be added, and more.
Make a decision from the following area, then adhere to the directions to learn how to format a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

How to convert a relative cell into an absolute cell in Excel

Formulas in spreadsheets always use a relative cell reference by default.
When a formula is copied from one cell to another, it adjusts to fit the new cell.
An absolute cell reference is what you would use when you require the formula to remain the same and not change.

How to password-protect documents in Microsoft Word and Excel

To stop other users from opening, editing, deleting, or performing any other unwanted actions on a Microsoft Word document or an Excel spreadsheet, users may want to secure the document or spreadsheet.
A password that secures a document can be set up, requiring users to input the password in order to open, read, or edit the document.
Additionally, a password can be established to block people from changing particular sections of an Excel document.
For instructions on how to add password security to a Word or Excel document, select from the choices below.

How to change a number to text in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel handles all cells containing just numbers as numbers by default rather than as text since the majority of data input into an Excel spreadsheet is numerical.
Follow one of the following instructions if you enter numbers that you wish to be processed just as text and not as numbers, dates, or another format.

How to turn off AutoCorrect in Microsoft Excel

The AutoCorrect tool in Microsoft Excel is helpful for automatically capitalizing and correcting misspelled words.
You can disable some or all AutoCorrect capabilities if you do not want some of the adjustments to be made automatically.

How to split Excel cells using the Text to Columns function

Text to Columns is a phrase used by Microsoft Excel when data in a cell has to be divided into numerous columns.
For example, if cell B1 in Excel has the name “Edna Doe” (first and last name), Text to Columns may divide the text to display in numerous columns.
This article describes how to make advantage of this functionality.

How to make a graph or chart with Sheets, Calc, or Excel

The necessity to communicate essential information to others is illustrated via charts and graphs.
Sales data for a month or year, or stock market patterns, are typical examples of data that is shown in a chart.

How to add or remove a cell, column, or row in Microsoft Excel

The steps for adding and removing cells, columns, and rows from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet are detailed here.

How to freeze and unfreeze columns or rows in Microsoft Excel

Freezing a column or row in a spreadsheet program, also known as freezing panes in Microsoft Excel, keeps them from changing as you examine a worksheet.
For example, you may want the titles of the categories in a header to display after the numbers as you scroll down so you don’t lose sight of the data.

How to name a range of cells in Microsoft Excel

A formula in Microsoft Excel can contain a set of cells that are used for computations such as adding up numbers, calculating averages, and more.
For instance, you would write the words C2:C15 in the parenthesis of the formula if you wanted to include cells C2 through C15 in it.

How to reference a cell from other cells in Microsoft Excel

It could be helpful to develop a formula that uses the value of other cells while working with a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
For instance, a cell’s formula may compute and show the sum of two other connected cells.

How to duplicate documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and others

Follow our instructions below to duplicate a document in an application, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and more.

How to insert or remove the hyperlink in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

You might wish to include a link to a web page or a specific place within the same document in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Links can be used to add a bibliography to a school project or to point readers to a document, spreadsheet, or set of slides on a specific website.
The procedures listed below can be used to add this kind of link, often known as a hyperlink.

How to include WordArt in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

WordArt may be added to documents in Microsoft Office programs to produce more ornate and rich text.
Documents may be improved and made more aesthetically attractive with WordArt.

How to merge Microsoft Excel files

You may combine Excel documents into one single file.
To make this work we recommend you first that you save all files you want to combine in CSV format.
Follow our detailed instructions below and you will successfully merge two or more excel files into one single file.

How to remove misspelled words from spell check in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others

Words may be added to a unique dictionary in any application that provides a spell-check feature.
This function enables the software to identify newly introduced words as correctly spelled terms.
Unfortunately, misspelled words may be inserted as well, which is why they are no longer considered wrong.
Follow the instructions provided by the program you are using to modify terms that have been added to your word processor’s custom dictionary.

How to password-protect documents created in Microsoft Word and Excel

Users might wish to password-protect a Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheet to stop others from opening it, adding to it, editing it, deleting data, or engaging in any other unlawful activity.
The document may be password-protected, requiring the user to input the password in order to open, view, or alter the document.
Additionally, a password can be established to block users from making changes to certain areas of the Excel document.
For instructions on how to add password secu

How to open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents without Microsoft Office

There are several free solutions available if you need to interact with files generated in Microsoft Office or create files compatible with Microsoft Office programs.

How to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a Word document

The procedure for converting a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a Microsoft Word document is explained in the stages that follow.

How to change the Microsoft Excel default font

Microsoft Excel uses the default font settings, including font size and type.
Using the program’s menus, users may easily modify these font settings.

How to convert a Word document to an Excel spreadsheet

Excel has the functionality to make the conversion if you have data in a Microsoft Word document that you need to import into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
To convert your Word document to plain text and import it into Excel, choose the Word and Excel versions you are using and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to make a macro in Word and Excel for Microsoft

When preparing papers and spreadsheets, adding or updating data, or developing forms that other people can fill out, a macro helps to increase productivity.
The two most often used programs for data entry and storage are Microsoft Word and Excel.
Using the Visual Basic programming language or by recording actions, macros may be made in Word and Excel.

How to monitor changes in Word and Excel

Individuals may need to examine and update a document that was created in Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet that was created in Microsoft Excel.
You can’t tell who changed a document or spreadsheet when since by default, changes are not recorded.

How to add and modify shapes in Word and Excel

Users may apply a variety of shapes to documents in Microsoft Word or spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel to draw attention to key elements.
Bringing these things to readers’ notice makes it easier for them to comprehend the information in the table or text.
A shape can be altered by altering its attributes, such as size, color, and fill after it has been added.

How to copy data from Excel to Word

You may copy the data you enter into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and paste it into a Microsoft Word document.

How to open recent files in Microsoft Word and Excel

There is a simple way allowing you to open recent files inside Word or Excel.

How to close all opened files in Microsoft Word and Excel

There is a simple solution when it comes to closing opened files inside Word and Excel.

How to insert links inside Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

There is a simple way, simple solution when it comes to inserting links inside PowerPoint, Word, or Microsoft Excel programs.

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