LG WM4200HWA: Review

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  • Type: Front loader.
  • Size: 39 x 27 x 33.25 inches.
  • Capacity: 5 cu ft.
  • Number of cycles: 14.
  • Washing features Steam function, Turbowash360.
  • Application control: Yes.
  • Energy consumption: 105 kWh/year.


  • Silent operator.
  • When the wash is finished, a pleasant melody plays.


  • Laundry can get tangled in the back of the drum.

If you want a quiet washing machine, the LG WM4200HWA is a great option.
Even at the highest spin speed, it’s significantly quieter than you’d expect.
As a result, it’s great if you have to do laundry late at night or can’t take breaks during the day.
It also has a good 5 cu. foot, which allows you to fit the family load inside the drum.
Most importantly, it works well, consumers were delighted with how clean their clothes came out.

There is no internal light, unlike some other LG models.
Some people have also found that because the spin is so powerful, the laundry can bunch up towards the back of the drum, requiring a long reach to get it out.
It’s also app-controlled, allowing you to keep an eye on it from your phone.