Welcome to the MLLapan Website.

ML Lapan is a web community and technology magazine from Bosnia and Herzegovina, including news and tutorials about computers, software, hardware, games, websites, and more.
It was founded in 2015 as a blog on the domain, and in 2019 it was changed to the current name and domain ML Lapan (
The author and owner of the site is Muamer Lapandić.

Here you can find thousands of different posts, you can participate in various discussions.
Learn more about computers, software, hardware, games, and websites.
Hang out with us on our social platform and meet new friends or invite old ones to join us.

What it’s really about

Our site is based on many technological walkthroughs, tutorials, and other types of written help.

You can understand our site as “Online computer service”, “Online phone service”, “Online magazine”, “Online instructions”, “Social community (Social network)”, “Online discussions” and others.

As you can see, we base our blog on technology basis or technology assistance (we write instructions on computers, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.), but we don’t stop there, we allow our users to have their own social wall, their own groups, and their own forums.

To explain in more detail how the website works, we will mention some of the things we write about.

Honest reviews

We write some posts like “The best mobile phones this year“, without external influence, we bring real reviews and rank products or devices on a fair basis.

Now you are wondering what is the difference between us and others on the internet.
The difference is obvious, we don’t advertise certain products by saying that they are the best in their category, and that’s how 90% of websites on the internet do it, they take a certain amount to write an unrealistic review with the aim of better selling a certain product that doesn’t he deserves to be in that position and there are many other better options.

So here we are, bringing real reviews for phones, laptops, computers, software, hardware, apps, and more.

Tutorials or instructions

We write tutorials like “How to print from a mobile phone?” or “How to connect a mobile phone to a printer?”, in posts of this type we go into the last details, we write everything in our language, and for easier navigation in English in systems, for example, the Windows system, we have a “Frequent expressions” page where the most frequently used words on our site are translated, this will make it easier for you to navigate our instructions without knowing the English language.

You will again ask the question as in the previous example, what is the difference between reading our page or reading another blog, or finding answers on forums.
Having this in mind, the answer is simple, news agencies or tabloids that usually write news are not specialized in technology and can write some things superficially, and such texts are unclear, often translated, and untested so that the author himself hardly understands what he wrote.
In the second case, user responses on discussion platforms, such as forums, can, often are, incorrect, more than one opinion is expressed, and when you try everything that a random person tells you in a discussion (forum), you can damage your device, either whether it is a laptop, computer, phone or some other device or gadget.

The founder of our site has 20 years of experience working on and with computers, knows software and hardware, is familiar with and continues to understand new technological developments, and tries to explain technology to our readers in the best possible way.
Other editors of the site have a little less experience but for guaranteed more experience than the people who will give you advice on the discussion platforms because not everyone can become an editor of our site without experience.

Always ready to help

At any time you can contact us in the discussion forums, if it is about serious questions and matters, we never allow a participant to answer you by leading you in the wrong direction, so we screen serious discussions and keep only precise, clear, and appropriate answers for the corresponding things.


We have also introduced libraries where you can find various videos, music of various genres from various artists and producers, and software of any kind.


StarterVIP, and PRO membership levels have access to a large number of posts and tutorials on the site.
These are very important posts and help us fund the site when you purchase one of the membership accounts to support us.

If your membership level is VIP or PRO, you automatically access Premium posts.
This is a collection of many posts of great importance that you can access if you are a member of the specified membership levels.


The forum is used for personal questions, so if you have a problem, we help you diagnose a software or hardware problem and solve it in the best possible way.
This does not mean that you can only ask for help with hardware or software, for example, you can ask for information about which printer you should buy, which monitor you should buy, and similar questions and we will answer how to match the printer, monitor or another thing with existing hardware.

If we have difficulties or too many questions, sometimes it may take a long time before we get to answer you.

If you are in a hurry and want to get help as soon as possible, there is a Premium forum, in this part of the forum you can ask your questions and we will answer you within 24 to 48 hours.
With the help of this forum, you can make corrections to your device yourself, and get advice based on many years of experience, and answers to all technological questions.
In short, you can do everything yourself when we help you in this forum.
Nowhere else, except in this forum, which is run by technicians from our site, you will not get professional answers to your questions.
This forum is within the PRO membership level.

Social platform

We offer a social platform, very easy to use, and share photos, videos, opinions, texts, etc.
Unlike other social platforms, we don’t trade your data, what you decide to keep private, stays private.

On the social platform, as well as on all other social networks, you have the ability to share updates, you can also open your own groups, and join the forum.

You can use the social wall as a place where you share your links, and text instructions, which you may need later, you can also set their privacy.
You can also share YouTube videos and more.


In relation to your membership, you can join or even create your own groups where you can discuss a topic of your choice (it can be completely non-tech related).

For example, you are interested in C. Ronaldo, are you his fan?
You can open a C. Ronaldo group, have a forum of the same name, manage your own users, have interesting discussions, and more.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a party group, you can create your own group and use it to save important things for yourself, accept whoever you want in the group, etc.

In addition to the above, there is much more that you can enjoy on our site, become a member and discover for yourself.

Package clarification


With a Free account, you can read Free posts.
You can have Free membership only after having in Starter, VIP, or PRO membership package for at least one year, you will be automatically redirected to Free membership if you decide not to extend or choose another membership package.


With a Starter account, you can read Free and Basic posts, participate in discussions on the Basic forum, get your own wall where you can share and write whatever you want, you can send public messages to other users, and you are included in our member’s directory so that others can find you.


With a VIP account, you can read Free, Basic, and Premium posts, you can participate in discussions on the Basic forum, get your own wall where you can share and write whatever you want, have the ability to view groups of other users, view the content of those groups, request membership and join groups, send public messages to other users, and you are included in our member’s directory so that others can find you.


With a PRO account, you can read Free, Basic, and Premium posts, you can participate in discussions on the Basic forum, get access to the Premium forum where we personally help you with any problem of a technological nature, you get your own wall where you can share and write whatever you want, you have the ability to view groups of other users, view the content of those groups, request membership and join groups, create your own groups and invite others to join, send public and private messages to other users, send friend requests, and you are included in our member’s directory so that others can find you.

Keep the following things in mind

  • Starter – Has access to Basic Posts, but not Premium Posts and Premium Forum.
  • VIP – Has access to Basic Posts and Premium Posts, but not the Premium Forum.
  • PRO – Has access to Basic Posts, Premium Posts, and Premium Forum.


We support the whole world, for people who understand the language we write in.
So if you are in Australia, America, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, etc., it is an irrelevant matter, the only important thing is that you understand what we write about, that is, that you speak our languages.

Why is it paid?

As we have already said, posts are of great importance and with these posts, we try to make a profit to maintain the site.
We have already given the answer in this text, but we will repeat the features anyway.

  • We are honest (We express our own views based on real facts.)
  • Precise instructions (Tutorials and instructions are precise, without unnecessary text, and directly explain the topic.).
  • Honest reviews (We have no reason to praise or criticize products, but write the truth about them.).
  • We do not trade your data (Your privacy is guaranteed.).
  • We are not paid to advertise (We do not advertise anything, in any way.).

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