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- Basic - Computers - Desktops - Laptops - Microsoft Office - Software - Word - November 5, 2022

How to use Microsoft Word’s accented letters

Accented letters can only be produced by people who have special keyboards, for those who do not have a keyboard can create accented letters via shortcuts or through the menu.

Use the menu bar to add accented lettering

  1. Start up Microsoft Word.
  2. Either select Insert on the menu bar or choose the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  3. Choose the Symbol choice from the Insert drop-down menu or the Insert tab.
  4. From the list of symbols, pick the accented character or symbol you want.
    To display a particular sort of symbol, either browse through the full list or choose from the Subset drop-down list.
  5. Click the Insert button after choosing the desired accented letter or symbol.

Use keyboard shortcuts

The following key combinations can also be used by Microsoft Word users to apply accent marks to their letters.
For instance, hold down Ctrl and press to get à.
Release both keys after that, then immediately hit A.

Immediately after releasing the shortcut keys, you must swiftly hit the letter key.
Otherwise, a letter without accents is produced.

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