How to transfer contacts from Google to iPhone

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Learn how to export or transfer Google contacts to iPhone.

Once you know how to transfer contacts from a Google account to your iPhone, you will not need to write them manually on your phone or use paper to write all the contacts you will need.

Knowing that every one you need to hold contact with can be in moments on your iPhone is great.

The process alone is very easy and it does not take much time to do it, it is also a part of iOS.
The possibility to do this is one of many iPhone possibilities that you can do on iPhones.

Once you transfer contacts from Google to your iPhone you will feel relieved knowing that you avoided the hard work of doing it manually by typing all the contacts.

So, here is how you can transfer contacts from Google to your iPhone.

Transferring contacts from Google to iPhone

  1. Open Settings on your phone, and then tap on Contacts.
  2. If you did not add a Google account to your iPhone now is the time to do it.
    Tap on Add Account.
    If you already have a connected Google account, pick Accounts.
  3. After Add Account choose Google.
  4. Login to your Google Account.
  5. You will be offered a list of things that you can transfer, choose Contacts.
    You can also choose to transfer other things as well by moving the slider to Green.
  6. To finish the synchronization of your contacts, return to Home Screen and tap on Contacts.
    Your contacts should start synchronizing, this may take up some time so be patient.

Everything is done, now you can call up or message your contacts from your iPhone.