How to set Mac default apps

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Make certain apps your Mac’s default programs for opening particular file types.

You may personalize your computing experience to suit you and make it more effective and fun if you know how to adjust default programs on a Mac.

You may, for instance, specify all custom default applications.

JPEG files may be opened with one of the top picture editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop.

This will be very helpful if you frequently open the same file types as part of a process or if you simply don’t like the original macOS program.

Even better, doing it is simple.
Therefore continue reading to learn how to make Mac default applications.

Remember that the purpose of this guide is to modify the default programs that open particular file formats.

How to make Mac default applications

  1. Right-click a file in Finder and choose to Get Info.
  2. Choose Open with from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select an app, only this application will open files with this file type.
  4. Choose Change All.
  5. Then click Continue.

The software you have chosen will now open any files of that type.
Just repeat these steps and use the first default app in step 3 if you wish to go back.

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  1. Archy Avatar

    Good to know that Mac can have default apps set.