How to record PowerPoint screen

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The procedures listed below explain how to record your screen using PowerPoint.
You may demonstrate how to accomplish something without having to spell out instructions by using the record your screen feature.

Only the latest versions of PowerPoint include the screen recording feature.

You may utilize the captured video from the record your screen feature in a PowerPoint presentation.
To use outside of PowerPoint in any tool that supports MP4 video, you may also record as a stand-alone MP4 video.

You must have access to PowerPoint in order to complete these instructions.
A sound card, microphone, and speakers are also required if you wish to record sound or speech along with the recording.

  1. Open computer applications that you might require to follow the procedures in the video should be opened.
  2. Open PowerPoint.
  3. To build a new presentation or launch an existing one, select the Blank Presentation option on the first screen.
  4. Choose the Insert tab from the Ribbon, then select the Screen Recording option.
  5. Click Choose Area on the pop-up window that opens at the top of the screen.
    Then, using your mouse, click and drag to choose the part of the screen you want to capture.
    The selection can be made from the full screen or only a section of it.
    It could take several tries to set up the recording area correctly since you need to make sure that every phase of your procedure is included in the final product.
    Set up your recording space, then go to the following action.
  6. Press the Record button.
    After a 3-second countdown, the screen begins to record every movement you make as you proceed through your process’s phases.
  7. After done, click Stop or Pause on the Record option that appears when you move your mouse over the top-middle of the screen.
    The shortcut Windows key+Shift+Q may be used to stop recording as well.
  8. To check that the video is playing how you want it to, click Play in the Ribbon.
    If not, edit it as required or retake the recording.
  9. Save the video when it is to your taste, using the instructions for steps 10 and 11 below as a guide.
    There are two ways to save the completed movie clip to your computer, and steps 10 and 11 describe each choice.
  10. Click File, Save as, and then select the location where you want the file saved if you’re saving it to PowerPoint to use in a presentation.
  11. Right-click the video on the slide and choose Save Media as to save it for usage outside of PowerPoint.
    Choose the place on your computer to save the movie to, give it a name, and then click Save.
    This method of recording stores the video in MP4 format.