How to print envelopes in Word

I would like to say hi!

A printed envelope gives the recipient of the mailing a polished appearance.
By following the directions below, you may print the delivery address and return address on an envelope without using labels.

Microsoft Word

  1. Launch a fresh, blank Word document.
  2. Afterward, select Envelopes from the Mailings menu.
  3. Ensure that the Envelopes tab is chosen in the resulting Envelopes and Labels window.
  4. The Delivery address should be entered in the first box.
    If you use Outlook, you may input an Outlook profile in Word and then utilize the contacts to fill up the delivery address.
  5. The second box should then be filled up with the Return address.
    If you have a or equivalent account that allows you to print postage from your home or place of business, you may add postage to the printing.
  6. Click Options to set the printer’s settings for the correct envelope size.
  7. From the drop-down selection for envelope size, select the size of the envelope you will be using.
  8. You have the option to change the delivery and return addresses’ typeface and placement, or you may keep with the default options.
  9. Click Ok after making the necessary modifications.
  10. Pressing print before configuring the printer will result in errors.
    A slot on the printer may be modified to allow envelopes to be inserted.
    Two tabs expand in and out.
    Enlarge them to the width of the narrowest part of the envelope and then feed the envelope into the printer.
    Consult your printer’s owner’s manual to learn which direction to place the envelope so that it prints correctly.
    Normally, the adhesive side should be facing down and this is done on the left side.
  11. Once everything is set up correctly, click Print.