How to modify the security setting in Microsoft Office programs

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Follow the instructions below to modify the security in Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel.

  1. Open Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Microsoft Excel.
  2. On the Ribbon, select the File tab.
  3. Choose Options at the bottom of the left menu.
  4. Click Trust Center in the left navigation menu of the Options box.
  5. Select the application’s security level.
  6. Then, select Trust Center Settings.
  7. If it isn’t already chosen, choose the Macro Settings option on the left in the Trust Center box.
  8. Choose the security level that you want for macros.

By choosing different items from the left menu, you may examine and modify various security-related settings through the Trust Center window.

It’s crucial to understand that altering security in one Microsoft Office product has no impact on other Office programs.
In other words, if you modify the security setting for Microsoft Word, the security setting for Microsoft Excel does not change.