How to merge cells in Microsoft Excel and Calc

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In Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc, cells in related rows or neighboring columns can be combined.
Learn how to combine cells in a table by following the steps listed below.

This page solely describes how to merge cells in Excel, it does not describe how to merge the values of several cells.

  1. Launch Excel or Calc.
  2. If you wish to combine two or more neighboring cells, choose them all.
    For instance, highlight the cells B1 and C1 or D1 and D2.
  3. In the formatting bar, select the Merge cells button.

The Merged cell function is located under the Home tab in Microsoft Excel 2010 and later.

When cells with several values are combined, the data of the combined cell will be in the upper-leftmost cell.

Make a formula to combine two cells

A formula in Excel may be used to combine two cells.
The ampersand & symbol joins two cells or a cell and text together in a formula.

The values in cells B1 and C1 are combined into cell D1 in this example using the formula =B1&C1.
In the identical example, the formula would contain a space and be written as =B1&” “&C1 if you want a space between the values of the two cells.
To include a space in the formula and the merged value that is produced, use double quotes around the space.