How to make a pivot table in Microsoft Excel

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A pivot table is a summary of a bigger collection of data that is kept in a database or spreadsheet.
It’s frequently used to present data in a classified style for examination or to rapidly evaluate totals, average values, or other information.
Pivot tables are widely used in business to give an overview of sales data or operational expenditures.

Pivot tables are frequently made using Microsoft Excel.
It may be used to alter and organize spreadsheet data in little or big volumes to uncover trends and insights and to analyze the data for evaluation.

Please follow the relevant instructions below to create or amend a pivot table using your data.

Making a pivot table

The procedures listed below can be used to construct a pivot table in Microsoft Excel.

  1. The Excel file with the data you wish to utilize to make a pivot table should be opened.
  2. In the spreadsheet, make a new, empty worksheet.
    The pivot table is produced on the new worksheet.
  3. Tap the tab for the new worksheet.
  4. Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
  5. Select Pivot Table from the Insert tab’s menu.
  6. The window for creating pivot tables opens.
    The option labeled Select a table or range is automatically chosen.
    Select all of the data-filled cells by selecting the worksheet holding the pivot table’s data.
    The worksheet name and the chosen cell range are immediately entered into the Table/Range box on the Create PivotTable window.
  7. On the Create PivotTable window, click Ok.
    On the right side of the Excel program window, the PivotTable Fields editor appears.
  8. The editor displays a list of the fields, columns from the cells that have been chosen.
    Additionally, it offers the four options of Columns, Filters, Rows, and Values for how to present those data fields.
    Drag and drop each list column to a different pivot table choice from the four available.
    The Columns and Filters choices are not necessary to build a pivot table and are optional.
    You may modify the field’s settings to Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max, and more for each field added to the Values option.
    To achieve this, select Value Field Settings from the drop-down menu by clicking the down arrow next to the field name, then pick the desired value before clicking Ok.
  9. The pivot table is formed in the worksheet when you add fields to each choice for a pivot table in the editor.

Editing the pivot table

The procedures listed below can be used to alter a pivot table in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Open the pivot table-equipped Excel worksheet.
  2. Within the pivot table, click anywhere.
    On the right side of the Excel program window, the PivotTable Fields section appears.
  3. Drag and drop a field to or from the choice boxes to add or remove it from any of the four options, Columns, Fields, Rows, and Values.
  4. Click the downward pointing arrow next to the field name and choose Field Settings to modify a field’s settings in any of the four choices.
  5. Make the required adjustments to the parameters in the Field Settings box, then click Ok.
  6. Additionally, you may change the text and data in any pivot table cell’s font type, size, color, and style.
    Make the appropriate text formatting adjustments by clicking a cell.