How to make a named cell in Microsoft Excel

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In Microsoft Excel, choose the cell and then click the Name Box next to the formula bar.
The current cell location is written on this bar.
For instance, if you are in cell B1, the Name Box should now read B1.
Enter the cell’s desired name into the Name Box and press Enter.

Once a cell is named, you may use its name to refer to it in formulas, charts, and other contexts where cell references are used.
For example, suppose you named a cell Prize.
To add cell B7 plus the value in the profits cell, you may enter =sum(B7+Prize) when building a new formula.

There can only be one word, without any spaces, used to name a cell or range.

The shortcut key Ctrl+F3 in Excel may be used to launch the Name Manager.
You may create, update, and remove any Excel names via the Name Manager.
Once a name has been formed, you can insert any name by using the shortcut key F3.

Why does naming cells in a spreadsheet help

Using a cell’s name rather than its reference is simpler.
For instance, remembering Prize rather than the cell holding the profits figure is simpler.