How to make a line in Microsoft Word and LibreOffice Writer

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To create a horizontal line, use the AutoFormat tool in LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Word.
When you repeatedly enter a certain symbol and press Enter, AutoFormat automatically formats your text. For instance, a solid horizontal line is created by inserting three consecutive hyphens “—“.

AutoFormat line examples

The following is a list of the symbols used to create the various types of lines.

  • Single line – Write three hyphens “—” and press Enter.
  • Bold single line – Type three underscores “___” and press Enter.
  • Dotted line – Type three asterisks “***” and press Enter.
  • Wavy line – Type three tildes “~~~” and press Enter.
  • Plain double lines – Type three equal signs “===” and press Enter.
  • Tripple line – Type three pounds “###” and press Enter.

If AutoFormat isn’t working, turn it on

If three characters are entered and no line appears, AutoFormat is probably not enabled.
To activate AutoFormat, adhere to the directions listed below.

Microsoft Word

  1. In Microsoft Word, click Tools and select AutoCorrect.
  2. In the AutoCorrect box, select the AutoFormat as You Type tab.
  3. From the AutoFormat option, check Borders.

LibreOffice Writer

  1. In LibreOffice Writer, select Tools -> AutoCorrect from the menu bar.
  2. Under the Options tab, choose the Apply Borders checkbox.

Create a horizontal line by selecting the Home tab

On addition to the previously mentioned AutoFormat feature, you can also insert a line using the Horizontal Line tool located in the Home tab.

To change the appearance of a line you’ve added with the Horizontal Line tool, double-click on it.
You may change the line’s color, width, and height, for example.