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- Premium - Computers - Desktops - Laptops - Microsoft Office - Software - Word - November 15, 2022

How to mail merge and print labels in Microsoft Word

Once a CSV file has been created, the following steps may be utilized to create labels using a mail merge.

First stage

  1. Select MailingsStart Mail Merge, and then Labels from the Office Ribbon in Microsoft Word.
  2. In the Label Options box, select the kind of paper you want to use.
    If you want to print one page of labels at a time, keep the tray set to Manual Feed, otherwise, select Default.
  3. From the Label providers drop-down list, select the label type you’re using.
  4. Pick the product number from the label.
    Frequently, the product number is shown in one of the label’s or package’s corners.
  5. Once everything has been decided, press Ok.

Second stage

  1. Go to Select Recipients after creating the labels, and then click Use Existing List.
  2. In the Select Data Source window, navigate to the location of your CSV file, then click Ok in Microsoft Word.
  3. If the CSV file inserts successfully, each of your labels should display the word <<Next Record>>.

Third stage

  1. Verify the address is correctly constructed by choosing the Address Block option from the Ribbon.
  2. If the address is not appearing correctly, click the Match Fields option to change how the fields are being matched.
  3. When the address has been properly displayed, click Ok to add the <<AddressBlock>> field to the first label.
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Fourth stage

  1. The Update Labels button may be used to change any field.
  2. The first label should just contain the <<AddressBlock>> field.
    All other labels should read <<Next Record>><<AddressBlock>> in order to walk through each address field and print the address block in each label.

Fifth stage

  1. To make sure everything appears good, click the Preview Results button to check each label and a different address.
  2. If you want to view more than just the first page while in preview mode, click the arrow pointing to the right to access more pages.

Sixth action

  1. If everything is fine, press the Finish & Merge button.
  2. Click Print Documents to print the labels.

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