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- Basic - Computers - Desktops - Laptops - Microsoft Office - Software - Word - November 13, 2022

How to enable and disable the Insert key in Microsoft Word

The Overtype mode and the ability to activate and deactivate insert mode with the insert key are both disabled by default in order to reduce confusion.
By carrying out the procedures below, you can activate this mode and ability in one of two ways.

Enabling the overtype mode setting

  1. Click File, followed by Options, in Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, and subsequent versions.
    Click the Office button, then select Word Options in Microsoft Word 2007.
  2. Click Advanced in the Word Options window.
  3. Check the box for Use the Insert key to control overtype mode to allow the Insert key to control the Overtype mode.
  4. Select Ok.

Enabling the overtype mode setting in the status bar

  1. Right-click the status bar in Word.
  2. To display the Overtype option in the status bar, select Overtype.
  3. You may click Overtype to enable and disable the Overtype function after it has been enabled.

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