How to delete blank cell spaces in Microsoft Excel

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On rare occasions, a cell in Microsoft Excel could have one or more additional spaces.
The two techniques for deleting the superfluous, pointless spaces are described below with stages.

Deleting spaces from cells that only contain one word

  1. Open the Microsoft Excel worksheet that contains the necessary data.
  2. Choose the cells with additional spaces.
  3. Ctrl+H on the keyboard activates the Find and Replace tool.
  4. In the Find What text box, click and then hit the space bar once.
    The text area will now include a space after this action.
  5. Remove all text from the Replace with a text box.
  6. Replace All by clicking this option.
  7. The cells are now space-free.

Deleting spaces from cells using the trim function

With many words in a cell, the trim function eliminates excessive, pointless spaces without eliminating required spaces.

Below are the instructions.

  1. Open the Microsoft Excel worksheet that contains the necessary data.
  2. Place a column to the right of the column with blank cells.
    Put a label for the column, such as Trim, in the top cell of the new column.
    Later on, this column gets removed.
  3. Enter =trim in the first cell of the trim column next to the data cell that needs to have spaces removed.
    Double-click the =trim option among the auto-suggest phrases that appear when you begin inputting the formula.
    With this action, the formula is entered into the empty cell and shown as =TRIM(.
  4. Click the cell which contains the data with the additional space to select it.
    The cell data is entered in the trim cell using this procedure.
    For instance, the equation would be =TRIM(B2).
  5. To finish the formula in the trim cell, add a right parenthesis ) at the end of it.
  6. When Enter is pressed, the information from cell B2 is shown without the unnecessary spaces.
  7. To copy and paste the formula into any additional cells with extra spaces, use Excel’s AutoFill tool.
  8. Cells in the trim column can be chosen and copied.
  9. The first cell where the data has to be pasted should be right-clicked.
    Click the Paste values icon, which resembles a clipboard with the digits 123 on it, under Paste Options in the pop-up menu.
    With any unnecessary spaces eliminated, this operation copies the values from the trim column into the original data column.
  10. In order to clean up, select the entire trim column, right-click, and choose Delete from the pop-up menu.