How to copy data from Microsoft Excel to Word

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You may copy data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and paste it into a Microsoft Word document.
You can save time by copying and pasting the data into Word rather than starting from scratch and entering everything over.

Copy data from Excel to Word

  1. Select the cells in Microsoft Excel that contain the data you wish to copy to the Word document.
  2. To copy the selected cells, right-click them and choose Copy from the pop-up menu, or use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.
  3. To paste the Excel data into Microsoft Word, right-click the desired spot.
    Choose your chosen method for pasting from the pop-up menu’s Paste choices, or just hit Ctrl+V on the keyboard.

Formatting copied data

You might need to adjust the formatting after pasting the Excel data into a Word document since Microsoft Word settings for font size and type might take effect.

As your Word document, the copied data is immediately displayed in a table.
To properly accommodate the data in the new table, the column widths might need to be changed.