How to change the Microsoft Word default font

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The default font settings, including font size and type, are applied to Microsoft Word.
Users may readily change these font settings using the program’s menus.

When the application is closed and reopened later, any changes to the font settings are restored to their default values.

It’s possible to change the default font settings so that whenever the application is run, the chosen font style or size is utilized.
Follow the directions to change the program’s default font settings.

  1. Open Word and start a fresh, empty document.
  2. Click the little icon in the Font section’s lower right corner on the Home tab.
    An arrow going down and to the right may be seen on the symbol.
  3. Choose the font, font style, size, or any other font parameters you want to make the default in the Font window.
  4. To save the updated default settings, click the Set as Default button at the bottom of the Font box and then click Ok.