How to change the Microsoft Outlook default font

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The font settings, including font size and type, that are configured by default are utilized on Microsoft Outlook.
The program’s menus allow users to rapidly change various font settings.

When the software is shut down and then started again, all changes to the font settings are restored to their original positions.

You can change the default font settings to ensure that your chosen font size or style is utilized each time the application is run.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and choose the Home tab’s New Email button.
  2. Click on the File tab to open a new email message.
  3. Click Options in the left menu window.
  4. If it is not already chosen, pick the Mail option from the left navigation pane of the Outlook Options window.
  5. The Stationery and Fonts button should be clicked.
  6. Click the Font button in the New Mail Messages section of the Personal Stationery tab of the Signatures and Stationery window.
  7. Choose the font, font style, size, or any other font parameters you want to make the default in the Font window.
  8. If there is a Set as default button, click it before clicking Ok.
    Click Ok if the Set as Default button is grayed out.
  9. Click the Font button in the Replying and forwarding messages section of the Personal Stationery tab of the Signatures and Stationery window to return there.
  10. To pick the preferred font settings, repeat steps 7 and 8 from above.
  11. In both the Outlook Options window and the Signatures and Accessories window, click Ok.
  12. Without saving, close the new email window.

For all new emails as well as emails you respond to or forward to others, the chosen font settings are now established as the default.