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- Free - Documentary - Movies - Video Library - January 14, 2023

Foča: Crna kutija zla (Foča: The black box of evil)




This is the first documentary film about Foča, one of the historically most significant and beautiful cities in Bosnia, which has also come to symbolize the past genocide of Bosniaks.

It is the city where the brutal genocide cycle took place the longest and most frequently.

Almost no moment in the 20th century went by when Foča was not subject to significant genocidal waves, particularly during the Second World War, and this is the first time we are discussing it in video form.

During World War II, Foča was what Srebrenica was in 1995.

In 1992, evil struck Foča once more, but on a little lower scale than during the Second World War, and Foča came to represent atrocities against women.

In the verdict of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague in the “Kunarac et al. case,” the case of sexual abuse of women in Foča was listed as a war crime for the first time in human history.

The last surviving eyewitnesses of the Second World War genocide against Bosniaks in Foča give testimony in the film.
The film’s eleven witnesses were not present for the TV debut.
This movie has the last interview with academic Muhamed Filipović.

Mr. Ahmeta Kulaga, who wished to leave a historical legacy to his nation, supervised the film’s production.

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