Corel PaintShop Pro: Review

I would like to say hi!

For beginners, the best image editing program.

  • Platform: Windows.


  • Excellent help system with built-in aids.
  • Advanced users will appreciate the powerful functionality and available creative tools.
  • Excellent cloning in terms of content.
  • Added ability to copy and paste layer styles.


  • Only for Windows.

Corel PaintShop Pro is superior to Photoshop Elements in many ways, as it is a powerful application that is also easy to learn and includes several additional features, such as 360-degree photo processing.
It also includes a simplified workspace and is touchscreen compatible.

PaintShop Pro (and its upgrade, PaintShop Pro Ultimate) is also often cheaper than Photoshop Elements, making it a good deal.

Corel’s most significant disadvantage over Photoshop is that while Photoshop Elements is compatible with both macOS and Windows computers, PaintShop Pro is only available for Windows.