Clean Windows 11 computer space using Storage Sense

I would like to say hi!

Storage Sense is one more app that offers you tools to remove junk files, like old installation files, temporary files from apps, and many more.

To configure and use Storage Sense follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Storage on the right side.
  4. In Storage management turn On the switch for Storage Sense.
    Once you enable Storage Sense, this function will automatically clean files per your configuration.
    But, in case there is a need for a system to free up some space so it can work normally system alone will enable this for itself.
  5. Choose Storage Sense.
  6. In the part that says Cleanup of temporary files check the option Keep Windows running smoothly by automatically cleaning up temporary system and app files so you allow the system to delete files per need.
  7. Turn On the switch under Automatic User content cleanup.
  8. Under Configure cleanup schedules use the drop-down menu Run Storage Sense and choose the best option for you.
    Every day.
    Every week.
    Every month.
    During low free disk space (recommended).
  9. Use Recycle Bin drop-down menu to delete already recycled files.
  10. Choose the Downloads drop-down menu to delete downloaded files.
    To delete most of such files use option 1 day as settings.
    Folder Downloads may contain some important files, so it is recommended to make a reserve copy of these files before you run Storage Sense.
  11. Under the section Locally available cloud content use the drop-down menu to pick how long OneDrive content synced to the device becomes only online.
  12. Now you can click on Run Storage Sense now.
  13. Click on Delete previous versions of Windows if you see this option.

Once you are completed these steps, you click the run now button, Sense will clear the files immediately, otherwise, the system will clean them as space is needed.

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