Best weather apps 2023

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The weather is more unpredictable than ever, and a weather app can remind you of the situation when you leave home, now or in the future.

Many apps even take advantage of notifications to let you know if you need to prepare for a major storm.

You can use the pre-installed weather app on your phone, but it’s worth heading to your app store of choice to see if there are third-party options that may better meet your needs.

You can find apps that provide more comprehensive data, longer weather forecasts, and even radar images of weather patterns.

Dark Sky

Preuzmite Dark Sky: iOS

Availability: iOS
Price: $3

This is such a good app that Apple grabbed the app to improve its built-in weather function.
You can see the benefits of buying with iOS 14, as many of Dark Sky’s best features are integrated into the Weather app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone.

Even if the Weather app adds features, such as weather alerts and rain forecasts, iOS users can still download Dark Sky from the App Store for $3 to enjoy their ultra-high-accuracy local weather forecast.
Android users are out of luck as Dark Sky has disappeared from the Google Play Store and Apple has shut down services for existing users.
Fortunately, there are many other apps on this list that you can download to your Android phone.

The Weather Channel

Preuzmite The Weather Channel: AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

The free Weather Channel app is available on Android and iOS.
The TWC app provides you with a large amount of weather data, such as temperature, wind, and visibility, hourly or daily, and provides an extended ten-day forecast.

The interactive map can display the latest Doppler radar data to show rain and weather events, as well as severe weather warnings.


Preuzmite AccuWeather: AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

AccuWeather is a great app that provides hourly, daily and 15-day weather forecasts that you can integrate into your calendar.
The MinuteCast function can even provide ultra-local minute-by-minute forecasts for the next two hours.

AccuWeather has broad coverage, providing forecast data for more than 3 million locations.
The app also includes alerts for upcoming severe weather events, such as snow, thunderstorms, high winds, or tornadoes.


Preuzmite AccuWeather: AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

At first glance, the other apps on this list can’t yet provide the functionality that 1Weather provides.
However, when you open 1Weather for the first time, you will see its appeal.
After sharing your location data with the app for precise updates, you’ll be asked if you want to view weather facts when you open it.
This is something unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

As for the website itself, all the necessary information and some advertisements are displayed at the top.
Switch between different tabs, depending on whether you want to check the forecast for this week or determine the time of sunset.
Scroll down from the main screen to find “1Weather Shorts”, short videos about major weather events, and 1Weather TV.
This is a local forecasting program.
If you prefer the broadcast style of news to understand the weather, you can listen to the forecast.

Today Weather

Preuzmite AccuWeather: AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

There’s a reason “Today Weather” is a favorite of those who don’t want foreign information at their fingertips.
The app itself provides a very basic look, but the real function of Today Weather is that it comes with many widgets.
There are 19 different widgets in total, of different sizes to better suit your home screen design.

In the app above, you can see some basic information, including temperature and expected precipitation.
However, when you scroll down, you will see more detailed information about the day.
They include really sensitive temperatures, humidity levels, UV index, etc.

Users can choose from many sources, including AccuWeather, Dark Sky, and
Scroll down to see hourly and daily forecasts, so when you need an umbrella or snow boots, you can plan quickly and easily.

Carrot Weather

Preuzmite Carrot Weather: AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free and $5

Carrot Weather has been the only one on iOS for a long time, and you couldn’t get it on Android.
Since then, the department has built a bridge on the platform.

Today, Carrot can provide weather forecasts for Android users.
IOS users still like the ability to add a “Carrot Weather” widget to the iOS 14 home screen.

The app offers different subscription levels.
IOS users who choose subscription level 3, the most expensive option, which costs $25 per year, can receive notifications about rain, snow, lightning, and storm.
Subscribers at level 2, that’s $5, can create custom reminders for weather triggers, while level 1, at $3 each year, gives critical weather alerts.
The Android version has Premium Club with a time difference and other functions.

Emergency: Alerts

Download:  AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

The app hopes you’ll never need to use it, but in the event of a disaster, you’ll be happy to receive an alert on your iPhone or Android device.

Because it can monitor everything from hurricanes and floods to extreme heat and winter storms, very urgent alerts can be installed on your phone, which is not only important during hurricane season.

Emergency services will not only monitor your residence, but they can access cities and people that are important to you.
The app features customizable alerts and provides a map with emergency shelter information.


Preuzmite WeatherBug: AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free

In times of increasing pollution, it is more important to know the quality of the air you breathe than whether it will rain.
We love the air quality forecasting app AirVisual because it presents important air quality data no matter where you fascinatingly are around the world.

The app promises to provide detailed information on pollutants and air quality index for more than 10,000 locations in more than 100 countries.
You can choose to display an air quality map, a 2D color map, or a 3D version similar to Google Earth.

NOAA Radar Pro

Download NOAA:  AndroidiOS

Availability: iOS and Android
Price: Free and $2

The weather can change instantly, and this app will alert you to the weather.
Apollo’s NOAA Radar Pro for iOS promises to provide real-time animated radar images on the app’s interactive map, as well as the detailed weather information you want from a mobile app.

The iOS version of NOAA Radar Pro is compatible with the Apple Watch, so these alerts will be delivered to your wrist.
Android users can download NOAA weather radars and alerts for free, and to remove ads in the application, the price is $2.