Best Gaming Keyboards 2022

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The best gaming keyboards for all types of gaming.

Best Gaming Keyboards 2022

Not only when defeating your opponents online, but also in your daily productivity, the best gaming keyboard can make a huge impact.
That’s because most office keyboards aren’t particularly comfortable or long-lasting.
Gaming keyboards are more expensive, but they usually come with features that cheap office peripherals don’t, such as mechanical keys, software packages that let you reprogram the keys, and RGB lighting for a little sparkle.

It’s hard to put into words how much of a difference these features make, but based on my own experience, once you pick up a gaming keyboard, you’ll never go back, especially if you pair it with one of the top gaming mice out there.

The ideal gaming keyboard for your setup is, of course, determined by your gaming habits, available desk space, and price.
You can buy something decent if you only have a little money to spend, if you’re willing to dig deep you can get practically flawless peripherals that will last for years and years.
You’ll never be able to play or type the same way again.

Which gaming keyboard is the best

While the definition of the best gaming keyboard is highly dependent on each user’s individual circumstances, I can make a few broad recommendations.
Mechanical keys, sleek design, and RGB lighting are all features of my favorite gaming keyboards.
While RGB lighting isn’t technically necessary, it’s one of those things that’s surprisingly hard to give up after a while.
This adds to the feeling that your keyboard is truly yours.

Corsair K70 RGB Mk. 2 is the best gaming keyboard you can buy right now.

Choose your favorite Cherry MX switches, then configure your keys and color patterns to match your favorite games with this colorful keyboard.
It is beautifully designed and comfortable to use.

The Logitech G915 is one of the best keyboards out there if money isn’t an issue.
This beautiful device is Logitech’s second wireless mechanical keyboard, but it far surpasses the company’s previous efforts.

Beautiful low-profile keycaps, beautifully responsive switches, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and full-spectrum RGB lighting are available this time around.
The G915 is probably the mechanical keyboard of the future.

The best keyboards you can buy today

1. Corsair K70 Mk.2

All in all, the most efficient gaming keyboard.

  • Type of key: Mechanical.
  • Switch type: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, Silent, or Speed.
  • Lighting: Full RGB.
  • Size: 17.2 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Key switch selection.
  • High-quality materials.


  • Together

Thanks to the original Cherry MX switches, it is comfortable to use and provides a superior typing experience.
It’s beautifully designed and eye-catching, thanks to the various RGB lighting settings.
But most importantly, it performs superbly in the game, parsing every instruction quickly and accurately.
You can also create individual profiles for each of your favorite games and then match them to your lighting design.

The K70 Mk.2 is a joy to use in every way, from its separate media buttons to its game mode, which prevents you from accidentally exiting the game.
The K70 Mk.2 is probably the best gaming keyboard you can get if you can stomach its exorbitant asking price.

2. Razer Cynosa V2

The best gaming keyboard for the money.

  • Key type: membrane.
  • Switch type: N/A.
  • Lighting: Full RGB.
  • Size: 18.2 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches.


  • RGB lighting that’s hard to beat.
  • Game mode and profiles.
  • Affordable prices.


  • Hard to understand software.
  • Simple, bulky design.

The Razer Cynosa V2 is an affordable gaming keyboard that’s ideal for PC gamers just starting out.
This membrane keyboard doesn’t have the nice mechanical keys of its more expensive cousins, but it has pretty much everything else you’d expect from a full-featured gaming keyboard.

The Cynosa V2 comes with full RGB lighting, an adjustable game mode that prevents you from accidentally shutting down the game mid-session, various media buttons and even cable management.
This is a fantastic place to start if you don’t want to spend $300.00 or more on a keyboard.

To be fair, membrane keyboards are often cheap, and the Cynosa V2 never quite surpasses its key style.
Typing on the keyboard is a strange experience and may not match the input speed of more advanced esports models.
It’s also harder than it should be to program RGB lights.
However, if you’ve already spent most of your money on a high-end computer and need to save money on peripherals, the Cynosa V2 is a good option.

3. Logitech G915

The best gaming keyboard for wireless gaming.

  • Type of key: Mechanical.
  • Switch type: GL linear, tactile, or click.
  • Lighting: Full RGB.
  • Size: 18.7 x 5.9 x 0.9 inches.


  • Beautiful key switches.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Solid software.


  • No wrist support.
  • Extremely expensive.

The Logitech G915 symbolizes the gaming keyboard of the future.
The G915 highlights how, just as gaming mice and headsets have become increasingly wireless over the past few years, keyboards can do the same without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.

The G915 is a stunning, ultra-slim gaming keyboard that connects to computers via Bluetooth or USB dongle.
There are no delays, and no communication is lost.
It works like any other connected peripheral in terms of speed and responsiveness.

The G915 is both ergonomically and aesthetically attractive, with low-profile switches and full RGB lighting.
Its only significant drawback is that it is quite expensive.
However, given that it will keep your desk free from unsightly cables and will last for years, it could be a wise purchase.

4. HyperX Alloy Origins 60

The most efficient small gaming keyboard.

  • Type of key: Mechanical.
  • Switch type: HyperX Red.
  • Lighting: Full RGB.
  • Size: 17.4 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches.


  • They had a profile.
  • Key switches are easy to operate.
  • Beautiful RGB lights.


  • It does not contribute to productivity
  • The keys are a little noisy.

The HyperX Alloy Origins 60 proves that small keyboards can be just as good as full-sized ones when it comes to gaming.
This 60% keyboard doesn’t have a number pad, function row, or arrow keys, but it’s a great way to simplify your gaming experience while reducing desk space if you’re willing to learn some button shortcuts.
The Alloy Origins 60 also features comfortable HyperX Red keys and a full array of RGB lights.

If you haven’t tried a small keyboard design before, the Alloy Origins 60 can be difficult to learn.
Many keys are absent, and the keys are a bit noisier than you’d expect.
Still, as small gaming keyboards go, this is one of the better options.

5. Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series

The most effective TKL gaming keyboard.

  • Type of key: Mechanical.
  • Switch type: Cherry MX Red or Speed.
  • Lighting: Full RGB.
  • Size: 14.2 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Cherry MX switches are original.
  • Ultra useful features for gamers.


  • Together.
  • Media controls are hard to learn.

The Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series has a long name, but it’s one of the best gaming keyboards available.
This is especially true if you are looking for a TKL (tenkeyless) model.
The K70 RGB TKL, like its full-size sister, the Corsair K70 Mk.2, features real Cherry MX switches, beautiful aesthetics, and reliable software.

You can create complex lighting patterns, create profiles for specific games, and even reprogram any key.
It is a system that can be used in different ways.

The K70 RGB TKL, like other Corsair keyboards, is quite expensive.
What’s more, while its various media buttons are handy, their non-standard layout makes them a bit harder to operate than on the full-size model.

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