Best Free Android Apps 2022

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Get the best free apps for your Android phone.

The best free Android apps do the job without losing your money.
You’ll get the same experience whether you buy one of the best budget phones or spend a lot of money on the current flagship phone.

And if you get one of the latest and greatest Android phones these days, you’ll pay a premium for it.
Even though Samsung has reduced the price of its new Galaxy S21 models by 400.00 KM compared to the Galaxy S20, phones like the Galaxy Note 20 still start at 2000.00 KM, and several smartphones easily exceed the four-digit barrier.
When you add the price of a monthly data package, it’s easy to see why you might want to cut back on your mobile spending.

Why not start saving now by downloading some of the best free Android apps?

After all, not every program on Google Play has a price.
Sorting out must-have downloads from those that will just take up space on your phone is a real problem.

Here are some of the best free Android apps we found on our trip to Google Play, whether you’ve got a new Android device to load up on apps or just to look for new additions to your old phone.

Niagara Launcher

Look no further than Niagara Launcher if you’re looking for a different way to interact with your Android phone’s home screen.
The app drawer has been replaced with a simple favorites collection with an alphabetical list, instead of the standard app drawer paradigm.
The end product is a simple design with natural gestures for navigation.

Of course, you can pay a modest fee for the full experience, but Niagara is free to use.
It’s now my default launcher and definitely worth checking out.


Canva user-friendly image editing tool that was created with social media usage in mind.
It is a former winner of the Google Play Awards.

The app includes several ready-to-use templates, filters, fonts, and other tools that you can use to edit images in your device’s gallery or from Canva’s library of free and paid images, which you can then upload to your preferred social network or media.
Canva will help you quickly design a Facebook cover photo or account avatar, as well as clear Instagram stories, Twitter banners, and flawless YouTube thumbnails.

You can work with a lot of free content and templates, as well as a lot of expensive templates, photos, and other things.

PicsArt Photo Editor

Consider PicsArt Picture Editor, another former Google Play Award winner, if you want one of the best free Android apps that focuses on good photo editing.

PicsArt offers a wide range of editing tools, including the typical stretch, distort, and crop tools, as well as filters, beautify tools, crop tools, collage tools, double exposure blending tools, masking options, drawing tools, and more toga.
In short, it’s a set of tools that can be used for everything from quickly cleaning up photos to creating a social media post to share.

While you can get many features for free, the PicsArt Gold premium subscription gives you access to additional tools, including more filters, fonts, and video editing, as well as ad removal.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

While your Android phone undoubtedly has basic support for reading and viewing PDF files, you’ll need special PDF reading software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader if you want something more advanced.

Acrobat Reader for mobile devices is a competent reader with adjustable display modes, page search, cloud storage, bookmarks, and content support.
Annotation tools are included for marginal notes, comments, and even digital signatures.

Professional and productivity-oriented features are unlocked through in-app purchases and subscriptions.

JetAudio HD Music Player

If you want to boost the music player on your Android device, try JetAudio HD Music Player.
The free edition of the software includes a 10-band graphic equalizer, as well as crossfading, playback control, and automatic gain control during playback.

.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .opus, .m4a, .tta, .mpc, .flac, .mod, .wma, .wv, .spx, and .ape are just some of the formats supported by JetAudio, although this depends on your device.

Upgrade to JetAudio HD Music Player Plus for 8.00KM for even more features, including a 20-band visual equalizer and ad removal that comes with the free version, however, the free version will be enough for most people.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a free program that offers users a range of expressive drawing tools.
Users can choose from tools that look like a graphite pencil, ink pen, or marker.
The program works with several Bluetooth pens, including those from Wacom and Adonit.

Sketch is best suited for phones with large screens and aims to mimic the analog sketching experience, enhanced with a few digital frills like a color picker and undo history.

Users can import custom brushes and colors from other Creative Cloud tools, and your work can also be exported as layered PSDs to Photoshop or Illustrator in Creative Cloud.


Strava adds gamified functions to the usual recipe for running track, whether you’re tracking your run, bike ride, or swim, aside from being the ultimate run and bike tracker, we think it’s the best running app you can download.

The software not only tracks your running pace, distance covered, time and course, but also includes leaderboards, achievements,s and challenges.
In addition to Wear OS and Apple Watch, Strava supports trackers.

A premium subscription adds filtered leaderboards, the ability to define workout goals, and access to more extensive metrics, among other things.
However, the free version is sufficient for basic monitoring.


Now that Dark Sky is no longer available on Google Play, AccuWeather offers timely and detailed weather forecasts for Android users, ranging from 15-day forecasts to hyperlocal MinuteCasts.
Forecasts include animated weather data, radar maps, detailed summaries, and push notifications for extreme weather warnings.

Accurist, a system for warning of hazardous weather and road conditions, as well as customized forecast data, weather movies and Wear OS integration so you can get forecast information at a glance on your wristwatch, are all included as additional equipment features.


Many drivers find Waze a lifesaver, providing precise, time-saving, turn-by-turn directions based on traffic data and incident reports.

You choose your location, and Waze uses mapping data and traffic information from a variety of sources, including official data and information from other Waze users, to provide a recommended route with turn-by-turn directions.

The software is incredibly customizable, automatically changing routes based on the latest traffic information and changing routes on the fly if you miss a turn.
Waze can also show you crowd-sourced incident reports, the cheapest gas stations along your route, and other useful information.


Passwords and login credentials are one of the inevitable internet things.
Fortunately, password managers like Lastpass can help you use a mobile password vault that encrypts and stores your logins and automatically fills them in when you use apps or log into websites.

In addition to tracking your logins, Lastpass can generate strong passwords, store encrypted data, and support fingerprint scanners.
All users have access to cross-platform sync, which lets you sync your password vaults across your Android phone or tablet and other devices like PC, Mac, or iPhone.


Looking for something a little more interesting than the standard emoticons on your Android phone?
Bitmoji is the app you’re looking for.

With the help of Bitmoji, you can create emoticons that look like you and more efficiently convey everything you think or feel.
It is a useful and favorite program that can be used Snapchat or anywhere else where you communicate with others.


The flexible all-in-one media player is included in the top free Android apps and can play almost any file format you can throw at it.
The popular desktop media player VLC for Android is a mobile version of the famous desktop media player.

VLC is designed to play almost any file type out of the box, from .mp3 and .mp4 to the more unusual .mkv and other formats.
VLC for Android provides online streaming and media library organization while playing local files.


The latest release of Snapseed combines traditional selective area editing with one-touch editing tools and filters, transform and brush editing capabilities, and a powerful layer to work on image adjustments.
Snapseed has a total of 29 tools and filters, including fixes, brushes, structuring, and HDR.

Snapseed is a free photo editor that works with both JPG and RAW photos and offers a level of depth and versatility you won’t find in other free photo editors.


WhatsApp is a free Facebook messaging and video calling service.
Over 2 billion people use it in over 180 countries.
It’s easy to use, reliable and confidential, so you can easily communicate with friends and family.
WhatsApp is available on mobile and desktop computers.

DEven thoughit is a Facebook app, WhatsApp is still one of the most popular free Android apps and deserves your attention.
That’s because of WhatsApp’s surprisingly simple setup, automatic contact syncing, and feature-rich, ad-free experience.

WhatsApp allows users to send text, images, audio, and short video messages to their contacts.
WhatsApp is constantly improving its formula, with new features such as encrypted messaging, video calling, and cross-platform, multi-device compatibility.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a multilingual translation tool developed by Google, it allows users to translate text, documents, and web pages in multiple languages.
It has a website interface, a mobile app for Android and iOS, and an API that developers can use to create browser extensions and software applications.

Many individuals are worried about not being able to talk to people from other countries while on vacation.
Google Translate helps by quickly translating written or spoken language.
You can even let the software speak for you and enter text using the camera or manually.

With a data connection, the app can translate 103 languages ​​and 52 while you’re offline.


Snapchat is a fast and fun way to communicate with friends and family.

Snapchat allows you to instantly take and share photos with one or more friends.

The application supports video recordings as well as audio and video calls.
One of the most notable features of Snapchat is that photos and messages are often only visible for a short time before they are lost to their recipients.
Everything you post, share or send with others will disappear for a certain period.
It’s just a fun and casual way to keep in touch with friends and family.


Every day, millions of users use Signal for free and instant communication from anywhere on the planet.
Send and receive high-quality messages, engage in HD voice/video calls, and discover a growing list of additional services to keep you connected.

Signal’s powerful privacy technology is always on, so you can focus on sharing important moments with the people who matter to you.

Many apps claim to care about security and privacy, but Signal was built from the ground up to allow users to speak without fear of being overheard.

For sending and receiving encrypted calls and messages, the Signal app replaces your phone and serves as an SMS client, but also works as a standalone app.
The look and feel of the app is also being improved.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, feature-rich photo editing program that enhances your photography by helping you capture and edit amazing photos.

Editing photos is made easy with simple editing tools, such as sliders and filters.
Wherever you are, retouch photos in full resolution, apply photo filters, or start photo editing.

Adobe Lightroom for mobile is a capable photo editing program that retains many of the features of its desktop versions.

Raw camera file profiles, noise reduction, profile-based lens adjustments, and sophisticated color and lighting sliders are just some of the notable features.
All of these modifications are also synced between the mobile and desktop apps in Lightroom.

Google Photos

Google Photos is where you can save and share all your photos and videos.
It is automatically organized and easy to use.

The official app is designed for the way you take photos today, with features like albums, automatic creations, and a powerful editing suite.
Plus, every Google Account comes with 15GB of free storage, and you can choose to automatically back up all your pictures and videos in high or original quality.
You can then access them at and from any connected device.

Google Photos brings Google’s amazing picture wizard to your phone.
It can recognize faces as well as animals, locations, and things.
You can also search for images taken on specific dates or locations.

Assistant’s exceptional built-in features include the ability to generate collages and animations on its own.
If you’re willing to make some smart compromises in terms of upload quality, the program also includes editing tools and unlimited cloud storage.

You can use the built-in photo scanning feature to scan actual photos or even purchase a personalized photo album.
By scanning your photos, the Google Lens app can even send feedback about them.


Pexels is a free image database that you can use for any purpose, even commercial, without attribution, although please note that attribution is still appreciated.

You can use keywords to search or browse popular photos.

You can also like and collect photos within Pexels, and you can quickly share them to Instagram or other apps, save them as wallpaper, or simply download them if you want to use them outside of the app.

However, Pexels also allows you to become a photographer by allowing you to upload any of your own images.