Acer XFA240: Review

I would like to say hi!

The best gaming monitor under $200.


  • Relative to the competitors, affordable.
  • Good color quality.
  • Simple, straightforward design.


  • Menus are annoying.
  • The game mode might lead to worse graphics.

The Acer XFA240 demonstrates that full HD screens at lower price points could be just as excellent as their more costly counterparts.

Realistic color reproduction, more features than you’d expect, and a full vertical mode make this 1080p monitor, which costs little over $200, an excellent screen.
The monitor works well for gaming and productivity, offers a 144Hz refresh rate, and has a multitude of ports, including a DVI interface for older systems.

Given its price range, a few problems in the XFA240 are to be expected.
Its built-in speakers are useless, its menus are illegible, and its frame feels a little frail.
However, it is well worth its asking price is given how beautifully